When I'm down you always make me smile, and when I'm sad you always ask me whats wrong. there are so many reasons why i love you. you always wanna know how i feel. you tell me your always gonna be there for me, and that you will love me forever. you always find a way to surprise me, i know i will always be with u forever, when i talk to you i feel special. if i ever need anything your always there, and i feel that if i was to fall you would be there to catch me. you never lie to me you always tell me how you feel about us, and you say you will never cheat on me, and we may have r ups and downs but i don't want to ever lose you. you are my will to live cause i don't know where i would be with out you by my side. if we try really hard we can make it throw anything. these are the reasons why i love you so much.