Forget about past

They're had a fight just now. Just a small matter things. Funny.

Naaaaaaaaaah, be relax brothaaaaa. Guys please, dont be like childish lol. Like seriously, I dont really like that situation. Hmm, she just kidding and you dont make it serious thing. Back to normal please 

*Mengada budak ni, tapi aku sayang juga. #Kening-kening

Well, I went wrote about yesterday. Hm he gave Domo's Bear and two of t-shirts. Angry Bird and what? I dont know. Thanks btw eventhough I not really like it because that is not my fav. Sorry to say, but I've to keep it cause I love you so much :) 

You're the best BOYFRIEND I ever had. Yeah, no one can seperate us. As long be with you, I feel like so happy and sometimes feel like _____________. Forget it. 

I know you're sometimes feeling like bored with me because of my attitude. Im sorry. I always bother about you. I didnt meant it. Serious! Hmm I'll change but I cant promise. I hope you never hate me who I am. 

Sat- 9July 2011 the best thing I ever had from you <3

Whatever is it, I'll never stop love you till the end and never leave you till you leave me.