5 Months

Hi UA, Happy 5 months darl. I love you so much. No one else in my heart except you. Thank you for everything what you had done to me. I appreciate it. Hope you'll love me like I love you. Auwww shit! 

Naaaaaaaah, you're fucking annoyed but sometimes you're so cuteeeeee. Hihi, I would like to call you "BIBIR". Your nickname, so nice aite? I know. And now you're started to call me drumstick. Oh maaaaaan -,- 

K I always miss you. If one day didnt meet seem like 1 year. Hmm. K my heart just have you. You're my life, my soul and my everything. I cant live without you #Lie. Haha, honestly im totally loving you 

Hopefully you'll never leave me. I never felt like this before. And you're always makes me happy but sometimes you're make me angry with your fucking attitude. Hihi never mind im still love you. 

Can I be you superb girlfriend? Please. Haha so 'gedik'. And last, I love you so much. You're the best I ever had. Take care. XOXO